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At Snyder’s we care deeply about the manufacture and delivery of furniture in an environmentally responsible manner. We ensure that our lumber comes from suppliers who adhere to sustainable forestry principles. Our furniture is handcrafted out of the finest Oak, Cherry and other hardwoods which are harvested from the forests of Pennsylvania and New York. In fact these forests are growing considerably faster than they are being cut down. Many of our craftsmen even use the leftover wood waste and sawdust for heating sources and animal bedding on local farms.

To further our dedication to being green, we also offer eco-friendly finishes such as low VOC water-based stains or all natural linseed oil on certain products.

Heirloom Quality
Snyder’s Furniture only offers sustainable long lasting furniture that will be passed from generation to generation. Solid wood furniture will in most cases never enter the waste stream because of its strength and ability to be renovated and reused over and over again. The use of high-quality construction methods and a premium catalyzed varnish enables our creations to hold up to the wear and tear of everyday use. And we back that with our 25 year limited warranty.

Buying Local
When you buy our furniture you are supporting local employment and the community. Some of our manufactures have a few dozen employees; others are small family shops operating on the farm. The money you invest doesn’t go into the pockets of big business or foreign countries but to our neighbors and eventually back into the community. By working with local craftsmen we are cutting down our emissions leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

We are proud to be a part of the 3/50 project, “saving the bricks and mortars our nation was built on.”