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Restonic Healthrest Latex

Restonic Healthrest Latex

Constructed of high-quality latex, HEALTHREST Latex breathes unlike any in existence, providing a supportive, hygienic sleep experience that you can count on. Now that’s refreshing.

High-Quality Latex
Harvested from the rubber tree, Restonic latex is naturally porous and breathes unlike any other mattress material. It’s also extremely durable, providing support that’s supple to the touch.

Non-Allergenic Material
In addition to natural comfort, latex is non-allergenic, naturally hygienic and resistant to dust mites, mildew and bacteria – major causes of allergy-related health problems.

Made from a naturally derived, biodegradable product, latex is renewable and sustainable.

Unsurpassed Pressure Point Relief
Latex also reduces tossing and turning for undisturbed sleep, thanks to complete pressure point relief.

Responsive Sleep Surface
HEALTHREST Latex mattresses instantly respond to every inch of curve and contour, allowing for a customized sleep surface. This extremely resilient surface offers optimum orthopedic support.