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Custom Furniture

Custom Furniture

Snyder's is proud to offer custom Amish furniture by Keystone Collections

No two are alike

Walk through a hardwood forest, and you’ll see each maple, oak, or cherry tree is a little different from the ones growing next to it. It’s no surprise even identical chairs have individual patterns in their grain.

Just as no two pieces of furniture are exactly alike, no two people are exactly alike. We honor your individuality by offering nearly unlimited possibilities for what is, after all, an intensely personal choice.


Each piece of our custom Amish furniture is made to order, one at a time, and to your exact specifications of style, wood, finish, dimensions, and the other details you select. If you don’t see it, ask for it. Together we’ll create your family’s one-of-a-kind future heirloom. Handcrafted right outside of Lancaster County, PA, you can be assured of a top quality product.

Some other popular choices include chair and table height adjustments, two to six door hutches, and seating from two to twenty-four!

We care, so we take the extra time required to produce exceptional workmanship. You’ll appreciate our effort time and again and again as your Keystone Collection becomes a part of your family and its traditions, special moments, and memories.

You don't have to be able to draw – We get the picture!

You don't have to be a furniture designer to work with us – we understand that design is a bit of an evolution. By closely working with you, everyone involved will have a clear understanding of the final design. Our own professional in-house custom design consultants will be happy to make your design ideas a reality as we custom-build a dining, bedroom, or occasional piece to your exact specifications. Just imagine the possibilities!

*All of our custom Amish made furniture is handcrafted right outside of Lancaster County, PA.