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Amish Crib Collections

Baby Furniture handcrafted for your newest member of the family.
Kid's Comfort
It all starts in the woods. Our native hardwood trees are an invaluable resource that we do well to perpetuate. Most hardwood tree species take 75 to 125 years to reach maturity. To be truly sustainable, the products we produce from these trees need to last longer than it takes the tree to grow.
Our craftsmen understand the inherent qualities of wood. They meticulously handpick the fi nest hardwood to create your furniture. Every piece is carefully shaped and planed, bringing it to perfection. Attention is given to every detail. The best; and only the best passes final inspection
Good things are meant to last. And so it is with every piece of Kid’s Comfort furniture. Each component’s hefty caliper contributes to the unrivaled strength and endurance of the finished product.
Few things are more impressive then the pristine beauty of wood grain. Every piece of furniture is a unique specimen with its own grain design. We carefully stain and hand rub each piece to capture and preserve this naturally occurring.
It’s all about the baby. Our cribs undergo rigid testing and fully meet federal standards. After all, it is an investment in our future.


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