Tanessah Amish Converter Crib | Amish Kids Furniture | Snyder's Furniture - Lancaster, PA - The handcrafted Amish cribs are made of out oak, maple, and cherry right here in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Pick your wood, stain color, and style. We offer delivery and shipping across the country. Amish tanessah cribs

Amish Made | Tanessah Amish Converter Crib | Amish Kids Furniture | Snyder's Furniture - Lancaster, PA
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Tanessah Amish 4 in 1 Convertible Baby Crib

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#9802 The graceful sweep of Tanessah flows like a gently rolling wave. This unusual feature, along with the appeal of its spindles and curves, elevates Tanessah into a class of its own. Unforgettably elegant. With the conversion kit, you can easily change this into a toddler bed and then into full-size bed. This crib will grow with your child. Created out of natural elements with love! Shown in Brown Maple.

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57-1/4"W x 34-1/2"D x 48"H Front Panel 38"H


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Renewable Resources

It all starts in the woods. Our native hardwood trees are an invaluable resource that we do well to perpetuate. Most hardwood tree species take 75 to 125 years to reach maturity. To be truly sustainable, the products we produce from these trees need to last longer than it takes the tree to grow. Craftsmanship Our craftsmen understand the inherent qualities of wood. They meticulously handpick the finest hardwood to create your furniture. Every piece is carefully shaped and planed, bringing it to perfection. Attention is given to every detail. The best; and only the best passes final inspection.

Good things are meant to last. And so it is with every piece of Kid’s Comfort furniture. Each component’s hefty caliper contributes to the unrivaled strength and endurance of the finished product. Beauty Few things are more impressive than the pristine beauty of wood grain. Every piece of furniture is a unique specimen with its own grain design. We carefully stain and hand rub each piece to capture and preserve this naturally occurring wonderment.

It’s all about the baby. Our cribs undergo rigid testing and fully meet federal standards. After all, it is an investment in our future.

Organic Options
Imagine creating a pristine, chemical-free microenvironment for your baby. Kid’s Comfort Organic allows you to do just that. All our standard products are created with child safe varnishes and meet ASTM standards and consumer safety product standards. However, with Kid’s Comfort Organic you can now provide your child with products that exceed these regulations. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you are doing your utmost with eco-friendly, organic furnishings.

Components and Construction
Solid wood materials only are used throughout: fronts, tops, sides, bottoms, backers, drawer bottoms, braces, and partitions. There is absolutely no plywood or particle board used anywhere! Every piece is handcrafted and hand assembled right here in our own workshop. The glue used in assembling Kid’s Comfort Organic products is not totally chemical free but it is water-based with a very low chemical content. The only reason we use this glue is the lack of any organic wood glues. We are committed to upgrading as organic glues are developed.

Our Organic finish is a linseed oil derived from natural flaxseed. This product is nontoxic, 100% VOC free, has no chemical driers, is nonflammable, compostable, and environmentally & food safe. Two applications of this organic finish are hand rubbed onto raw wood, preserving the natural beauty and appearance of your furniture.

New & Improved Features

  • Our finishing process comes standard with FORMALDEHYDE FREE coatings. 
  • All Cribs are redesigned with hidden fasteners to hide or eliminate as many bolts and holes as possible. 
  • Cribs are built with sturdy mortise and tenon construction designed for years of use. 
  • Drawer systems have under-mount, soft-close, Hettich drawer slides to eliminate slamming drawers in your nursery. 
  • New Three position Y-frame mattress support system designed to not leave any visible holes in your crib, converted toddler bed or full-size bed. 
  • We eliminated wood plugs to cover screw holes on top moldings by using our new hidden fastener technology. 
  • All furniture pieces come with a wall anchor to prevent tipping hazards in your nursery. 
  • Our furniture back pieces are finished with the same quality and processes that all other visible parts are. 
  • Kids Comfort has invested heavily in their own in-house finishing and Quality Control systems. Each piece of furniture is inspected and critiqued with a QC form that gets checked off, dated, and signed by one of our team members. This form then is included with your purchase. 
  • As always all Kids Comfort cribs are fully convertible and are tested and certified to CPSIA and ASTM federal standards with a certificate on every box we ship out.

To Our Customers
We appreciate you considering the purchase of our furniture. Kids Comfort strives for quality and service to you as our customer. We are real people that answer our phone and personally work with you to accomplish your goals. Our objective is to treat our customers the way we expect to be treated and give nothing but complete satisfaction. Kids Comfort cherishes your interest in locally sourced product and labor that keeps our jobs at home. Our hardwood lumber is sourced from the Appalachian region here in the midwestern states and our labor is sourced 100% locally. You can be assured that our purpose for you as our customer is building healthy relationships, creating a safety-minded culture, displaying superb products, and offering unwavering service. As the owner of Kids Comfort, a husband to Rosanna, and a father to Jon Mark, Juanita, Japheth, Caleb, Julie, Isaiah, and Seth we realize the importance of quality, safety, endurance, and service. In closing my goal is to serve you. ~ Joe Troyer


Pricing may vary from in store. In-home setup not available on cribs.