How to care for your Amish Made outdoor furniture - For new customers of Amish poly outdoor furniture, the maintenance can be confusing. It does not need care like wooden outdoor furniture.

How to care for your Amish Made outdoor furniture |

How to care for your Amish outdoor furniture

For new customers of Amish poly outdoor furniture, the maintenance can be confusing. It does not need care like wooden outdoor furniture. I had a patio that I wanted to furnish fast during the height of the pandemic delays so I bought the fastest shipping item I could on Amazon. I knew the quality was not going to be great. But the most shocking thing was how loose all the parts got after some cold weather. It was barely safe to sit on. Poly furniture is different. It holds up very well in the elements, saving you work and expenses. Customers who purchase Amish poly outdoor furniture are often surprised by how easy it is to keep their furniture looking like new. A common question we get is how to keep Amish poly furniture clean.

Q: Why Amish Poly Furniture?

A: Amish Poly furniture contains, which is the type of plastic you find in milk jugs. Recycling milk jugs and similar plastic means it finds new life as “wood-look” pieces. It is all high-density poly plastic, which means it is easily mold-able and stands up well to moisture, sunlight, and frequent use. Amish Craftspeople can then transform those versatile pieces into a wide selection of outdoor furniture. Aside from its sturdy construction, poly furniture resists mold, and mildew, which means it is not likely to develop those nasty black patches so common to wood patio furniture. It can also handle being out in the rain, so you will not have to work hard to cover it during storms.

Q: What’s Unique About Amish Poly Outdoor Furniture?

A: Amish Poly Outdoor furniture is an ideal option for anyone who wants beautiful outdoor furniture that will stand up to the weather, sun and regular use. But what makes it unique? It does not fade: Amish Poly furniture does not need refurbishment. A UV protective agent prevents it from fading from exposure to sun and moisture. The original color will be the same five years later. Periodic cleaning helps keep the surface color. Remember to wipe off dirt periodically and debris. Damage Free: Amish Poly furniture does not splinter or rot as wood does. It will not blow away in a thunderstorm or scratch when your children use it. The only thing that can damage Amish poly furniture is fire. This statement often confuses people because they immediately picture a big bonfire. What we see happen more frequently is that someone will place a citronella candle on or near poly furniture, and the heat from the flame melts and disfigures the plastic. If you are using poly furniture, keep tiki torches and outdoor candles a safe distance away from your furniture. Low-maintenance: Amish Poly outdoor furniture does not require a substantial amount of maintenance. There is nothing needed to do to maintain the integrity of the furniture. No sealing or painting, and no need to sand it or treat it to keep its appearance. Maintain your poly outdoor furniture by cleaning it periodically. Keeping Amish poly furniture clean prevents the buildup of dirt and debris — which can alter the color of the furniture.

Q: What’s the Best Way to Clean My Amish Poly Furniture?

A: When thing about cleaning outdoor furniture, you may immediately picture harsh chemicals, buckets, brushes and elbow grease. But that is not the case when it comes to cleaning Amish poly outdoor furniture. How to keep poly outdoor furniture clean? A bucket and some dish soap is all that's needed. Do it on a warm, sunny day. Use warm water and mild dish soap in a bucket. Remove cushions, tablecloths or decorative items from your Amish poly furniture. Clean these separately. Use a clean rag soaked in a water-and-soap solution. Gently scrub the surface of your Amish poly furniture, carefully paying attention to any grooves in the material where dirt could get caught. After you have finished scrubbing, rinse the furniture with clean water and allow it to air dry. Q: How to Handle Tough Stains? A: Amish Poly furniture is stain-repellent. Over time, poly furniture may accumulate debris or dirt difficult to clean off with soap and water. This may happen in areas with wind or frequent storms. Or with frequent use while eating and drinking. How to remove stains on Amish poly furniture? Combine 2/3 water with 1/3 bleach. Remove any decorative items on the furniture, to avoid accidentally staining them with the bleach solution. Apply the bleach/water mixture to your Amish poly furniture, then let it sit on the surface of the furniture for a few minutes. With a soft-bristled brush work the bleach/water mixture into the grooves in the surface to loosen difficult stains. This will not damage the surface or change the color of your Amish poly furniture! Rinse thoroughly with water, then air dry.

Q: Do I Need to Clean My White Amish Poly Furniture More Often?

A: When it comes to how to clean white Amish poly furniture, the process itself is the same. However, you will want to clean white Amish poly furniture every several months. White poly furniture and other light colors will require frequent washing to keep it looking pristine. A regular wash with soap and water will prevent having to deep scrub when eyesore stains.

Q: Power-Wash My Poly Furniture?

A: Use a power washer to clean Amish Poly Furniture but keep it under 1500 PSI so as not to damage the poly material.

Q: How Do I Clean My Amish Poly Furniture Cushions?

A: Use a brush and regularly shake your cushions to avoid dirt or debris accumulating on them. Whenever you clean your furniture, you will also want to clean your cushions using the same dish soap/water mixture described above. Avoid allowing them to contact the bleach mixture if you opt to apply that to your furniture, making sure to rinse and dry furniture thoroughly before replacing cushions. Also please review the instructions provided by the outdoor fabric craftsperson.

Q: Regular Maintenance on my Amish Outdoor Furniture?

A: The best thing about poly furniture is that it does not require much maintenance. It is not sealed or stained, so no need to reseal it or update its stain to keep it looking like new. No getting nicks or gashes in it the way wood furniture would. This durability makes poly furniture the ideal option for families with children or anyone who loves hosting outdoor parties. Your Amish outdoor furniture is for long-term use, and no need to waste time worrying about its longevity. There are some things to remember when it comes to maintaining Amish polyethylene furniture: Never place hot items, such as cooking dishes or candles, on poly furniture. It’s plastic. Fire and heat will melt it. Clean your furniture! Not every week, but clean it several times a year to prevent minor stains from setting in. Four times a year is great! Don't place flowerpots or other items that could stain on poly furniture.

Q: Will Exposure to Saltwater Damage My Amish Poly Furniture?

A: High-density polyethylene plastic is water- and weatherproof, and will not corrode even along the coast, where furniture may encounter salt spray. The chrome-plated fasteners used to hold the furniture together is durable and resistant to corrosion. If near a coastal region, be vigilant about regularly rinsing the furniture, and paying careful attention to the fasteners, to prevent the buildup of salt.

Q: How Should I Store My Amish Poly Outdoor Furniture?

A: Poly furniture is well-crafted furniture, so it will blow away during a storm. If you are anticipating severe weather, such as a hurricane or storms containing high winds, hail or large amounts of snow, you can cover or store your furniture indoors.

Q: Is Amish Plastic Furniture Recyclable?

A: It is possible to recycle plastic furniture, call to check if your local curbside pickup service can accept it. If your Amish poly furniture has outlived its use, take it to the nearest recycling facility.

Q: Is My Amish Outdoor Furniture Waterproof?

A: Your Amish poly outdoor furniture is waterproof and stands up well to rain and snow. It is not prone to mold or mildew, either, so none of that unsightly black mold building up on your beautiful furniture.

Q: What Should I Do If My Amish Poly Furniture Breaks?

A: Polyethylene plastic is durable and long-lasting. In most cases, outdoor furniture outlasts other traditional outdoor furniture materials. Even the best furniture may occasionally break or need repair. The point of this furniture is to use it! In some cases, it may be able to make minor repairs to the furniture, but poly is not like wood. Don't sand or drill into it in the same way, and attempting a DIY fix could result in a bigger problem than the original one. Purchase your poly outdoor furniture, and ensure to familiarize yourself with your warranty. Warranties will vary depending on the manufacturer, but many Amish poly furniture products come with extensive warranties, up to 25 years.

Q: Where Can I Purchase High-Quality, Affordable Amish Poly Outdoor Furniture?

A: Snyder's Furniture has been selling Amish Poly Furniture since the first few craftspeople started building it 20 years. We are the Amish Poly Furniture experts and we service valued customers across the county. When you buy Amish poly furniture from us, you are investing in attractive, durable furniture that will last for years to come. Our family has been helping customers upgrade their outdoor homes for decades!

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